Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Thank God my GP surgery is open today - though why they put that sign up, God knows.

An interesting thing happened at the theatre yesterday - putting my coat on I felt some hard thing sticking out of my chest - on further investigation it turned out to my bra wire, which had broken loose and was trying to escape altogether. Put it back in the loo but must sew it in firmly.

First lunch at Lye torng - chicken Massaman, excellent. There was a huge tropical type of downpour and unbelievable wind outside - all over the country too, apparently. Andrew gave me a lovely pot of gourmet Turkish jam for a present, so nice.

I may not bother with tomorrow's bus pass outing in view of the current weather, maybe next week or the week after, we shall see.

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John G said...

how us retirees live i went and had lunch at Sid's caff keep smiling make it a new year revolution