Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Successful Shopping

This is a rather strange pot, which is quite old I think and has typical regency colours with Greek patterns and images of various gods around it. The colours fade so I had to stop washing it.

Great deal in Tesco - tins of chestnut puree reduced from £2.20 to 45p so purchased the remaining five tins. I shall add these to casseroles, soups etc. Also naturally, a sale going on at Peacocks so purchased two scarves - both black background - one with different sized white stars all over and the other with white swallows. I shall probably wear them together with all my black, white and grey clothes. Made an excellent soup using free range mushrooms boiled and drained, then adding chicken stock and garlic to the water, then a bit of gin and a tin of chestnut puree and some butter beans. Then slicing the mushrooms back in for a bit of texture. I think that's all.

Great to find more cantuccini in the pound shop so purchased three packets to improve my coffee breaks at home and my hospitality. Actually, I hate to say it, but the Torta Andalusa and the Tiramisu from the same source are very popular with guests. Very handy at teatime. They probably taste good because they are not English and have less crap in them. Calorie content not bad either. Thin slices about 150 calories.

An anniversary version of the first Adrian Mole is out. Great though Adrian Mole books are, my favourite Sue Townsend is Number Ten. Talking of books, I have now at last found the free book section by author on my ipad. Decided to read more Winifred Holtby and downloaded some.

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