Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Later Monday

Met Kate who eventually found QEH, 'looking very dapper from her napper to her feet' literally, with a new hat, and funky new socks and shoes. After a coffee we watched Murmurs, which was OK, but not nearly as good as the parents' show, Le Cirque Invisible, and not a patch on Slava, but quite good moves and dancing, just not enough substance and far too long, I thought, though Kate seemed to like it more, thank goodness. We chatted for an hour or so before leaving for home. We may plan some excursions with sketchbooks to coffee places during this year.

Tip: since my GP stopped my HRT a few years ago, my hair has become horribly thin and sparse. I have discovered that, if I brush it 'upside down' then add a large bobble of mousse, rubbing it into the hair but avoiding the scalp, scrunching too, then leaving my head untouched (but the right way up) until it is completely dry (naturally, not using a drier), then brushing it into shape, this seems to add quite a lot of volume and looks quite natural.

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