Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Missing Groupons

These will be printed for me by Julian, since I have hidden them away so carefully that I cannot find them. Julian came and gave me a tutorial on my ipad. Unfortunately not much of this sank in, as I took it to the Lye Torng and somehow pressed a wrong button so that it would not connect to the internet there. Now it only connects at home. Bit of a nuisance really, but less of a worry since I am not likely to drop it at home. Had been hoping to take it out to cafes though. And with me if I went away anywhere. Oh well.

Visited the quack, who agrees that my back problems point to a nerve disorder somewhere. She has referred me to a back pain clinic at the hospital for further investigation. I suppose now I am retired I have no excuse for avoiding hospital appointments. Must also go to the damned dentist soon as my teeth are in need of expensive treatment.

Someone rang me last night. Must have been Nibby, but I did not get to the phone in time to take the call and my phone does not tell you which number called you last nor a message taking facility. Of course it could have been someone trying to sell me something. Made me burn my cooking, anyway, so I just had some soup and lettuce for dinner.

Quiet day today, awaiting what will no doubt be my last delivery of clothes from the sales.

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