Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturday Afternoon

Had a brief drink at Lye Torng, then met Dorothy at Pain. Dorothy helped me with my ipad a bit, and we had a long chat over a coffee. Later Julian turned up for another coffee at the Monmouth, before we parted, me clutching a bag of apples and pears which Dorothy had purchased earlier.

Last night I decided to have a bit of a wander, and found a rather odd little place in the back streets of Southwark called 'Salamander'. Intrigued by the darkness within, just punctuated by a few glowing lights, I couldn't resist going in. Once inside I could see that the only light was provided by lamps placed on tables. No music playing, but just a few people drinking cocktails. There was a long bar down the side, with a couple of bar staff busy shaking cocktails. The whole place seemed very old fashioned, a bit like a thirties bar. I settled down to consume an absinthe, and observed. Such a strange place to find in Southwark. By my second absinthe, more people had arrived, and a small jazz band had assembled in the back. A little dance floor was revealed, and a few customers, enlivened by alcohol, danced about a bit, quite slowly and unsteadily. Reminded me of the 'trad jive' of the late 'fifties. I decided to leave before things became too lively, and staggered back home.

Actually, I just made all that up. My life is so dull. I will now confess that I watched TV for about an hour or two, then went to bed to read for a while before nodding off. Tragic really.

This horrible snap was inspired by Cecil Beaton who used to photograph the Queen with a huge and powerful light behind her. Not quite the same with one of my not very bright lights and me in the front. Must try harder.

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