Sunday, 29 January 2012

Still a bit mis, but good Thai meal and chat with Nibs

Had a really great evening at Ken's Thai dinner at Thai Silk. Met lots of people again, including Fiona, who was very sparkly and fun, and another interesting woman, a doctor from South London, who had spent three months in Thailand. Thai Silk is a large restaurant with a very good outside area, the service is excellent and the meal good value: two courses for a tenner.

This morning I was thinking about my ex, but have not yet got up the courage to visit Peckham and make enquiries about what may have happened. I found a fairly recent photograph which will help. There is a library in his street which I am certain he must have visited frequently

Long conversation about my ex with Nibs who was very understanding, especially about the shock of the long time lapse between his death and our recent discovery. I have decided to do a little sketch book project, which will help me work through issues I didn't at first realise I had. We shall see.

My front tooth is falling to bits so I shall have to try and obtain an urgent dental appointment next week. I may also recommence the glucosamine. I am feeling the cold quite badly for some reason, and I remember that glucosamine always made me feel very warm, which could be handy in this weather.

Nibby has had a great time, visiting friend in the Cotswolds and Devon, but all a bit exhausting. She is thinking of getting a group together to go sketching, which sounds like a very good idea.

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