Monday, 27 July 2009

- And Another Thing

I seem to remember that sheltered housing was supposed to provide housing for a community of older people who were protected by the presence of a warden. Cost cutting over the years has meant that the wardens were not there at night, when most needed, and now they are not always there by day. Not Very sheltered housing is what it has become. Not sure if there is much point to it any more. I heard of a break-in to one of these places recently. Well, if there's no warden there, the very presence of these places is an advertisement that there are vulnerable elderly people only there and an invitation to criminals. Perhaps we should all stay at home until carted off to a nursing home. Oh dear.

Which reminds me, I was watching Heir Finders on morning TV. Apparently a woman went into a nursing home and died, apparently aged 58. Later her aged was discovered to be 88, and no one had a clue. She had successfuly hidden this fact for years, out of vanity, presumably.

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