Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Grumpy Old Invalid

Well, apart from the fatty liver I diagnosed myself as being diabetic on the internet, and will check with GP eventually.

Went to the dentist in fear and trepidation and had a simple filling, to my relief.

Much worse, I am developing a frozen shoulder on the right side which is a total nightmare. I can hardly do anything and spent hours in agony last night until I found a cold patch thing and put it on for a while, just enough to enable sleep. Kooky slept on the bed which was reassuring. Googling frozen shoulder was ghastly - seems it can continue for years.

On the two occasions I have had this previously, fortunately on the left side, it has been cured within weeks by keeping the arm in a sling, particularly at night to immobilise it, and tying a scarf around the pillow to provide good neck support. However the sling idea provides no relief this time and today the advice is not to rest it but to keep mobile and take painkillers. Hmmm. I am a bit dubious about this, as my previous self-treatment obviously shortened the course of the problem,and curing it in weeks.

Getting dressed and undressed is quite a challenge, particularly in the bra department, and getting in and out of the bath, etc. etc. Totally annoying. Rant over.

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