Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rainy Tuesday

Kooky forced me up to be fed at 6.30am. I then went back to bed until 8.30 so I must have been tired. Today there's a meeting at Blackfriar's Settlement. Not sure whether to go. I need to get to a bank to get some cash for my upstairs neighbour who pays the insurance, which fortunately is down a bit this year. Still, since my pay is not yet in my bank I will have to borrow the money. Good thing I have a large overdraft. He only told me about it a day or two ago, so I am not sure what the hurry is. I would have rather waited a couple of days to avoid borrowing, but there it is.

I have primed a couple of canvases with black paint to imitate black gesso. My sister Nibby swears by black gesso. We shall see.

Anyway here's my first feeble attempt at drawing a bit in the garden, doing various bits of green stuff. Not a very good snap.

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