Friday, 24 July 2009

Paint Purchase and Cooking

Spent about £40 on paints and brushes so no excuses not to keep going, but today I gave it a rest and had a solitary lunch at Lye Torng. My neighbour has had another offer of £375k for his flat but needs at least £390k to buy a house for £500k. So he's not in a position to take lower offers. Cheers me up about the value of my little shack.

Cooked some sweet potato soup and added the remainder of some cauliflower cheese soup. It is quite good, surprisingly. I also made a casserole of lamb's liver, to which I added bacon and peas, a little sherry, seasoned with Provence herbs and mustard and with the addition of baby tomatoes, mushrooms and some sweet potatoes. Strange mixture but tastes pretty good. There was a lot of lamb's liver in it. Made another loaf of bread today. I used white flour with two small teaspoons of salt and bicarbonate of soda. I then added some lemon juice to thicken over half a pint of milk and added a little groundnut oil before mixing this to a loose mix then poured into a loaf tin. This time I cooked the loaf for nearly an hour at 170, then turned it out. The crust has been too hard previously which made it difficult to slice, so this time I covered it in a clean, damp cloth while it cooled on the rack. It is very good but still comes out a kind of light browny colour, not sure why.

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