Saturday, 25 July 2009

Kooky Food and Taking A Tumble

Here's Kooky hiding behind a plant pot in the garden. Early delivery from Ocado. Seems they haven't stopped putting in a free copy of the Times, just that the driver forgot last week. I have ordered industrial quantities of very varied cat food. Sat outside for a bit with some iced coffee, then did a very small bit of drawing but it became a bit hot. Looks like Romy just got back in time from sunny Spain - bit of a disaster area at the moment.

Kooky is settling to a small tray of Sheba in the evening, followed by a small bowl of dried food. When I have exhausted the large tins, I shall commence this routine in the morning. He doesn't seem to like human food - I tried him on tidbits of liver, both raw and cooked and he turned his nose up at it. I may see if he likes bits of dressed crab. This was a favourite for Malvolio.

Forgot to mention that I had some distinctive liver pains recently. Googling this it is either fatty liver, the precursor to cirrhosis, caused by being fat, or alcohol. I shall cut down a bit on food and attempt to forego alcohol altogether, though may weaken when out to dinner. Strangely, I managed to avoid alcohol altogether at the SE1 roof party. However this did not stop me taking a tumble on a badly lit step at the flats on the way home, grazing a couple of knees, but not badly. Helped up by a rather sweet young girl who was most concerned at seeing my mountainous form suddenly keel over. Anno domini without the benefit of alcohol.

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