Saturday, 25 July 2009

Can't Paint Will Paint

Foul painting of plants on the terrace. Just absolutely can't stand mucking around with foliage.

Discovered that Kooky likes Gourmet chicken in white sauce.

It has been sunny all day. Got too hot in the garden at lunchtime so hid inside. Had a drink of strawberry Pago at Lye Torng and a bowl of my successful sweet potato and cauliflower cheese soup at home. Dorothy is on a new diet, just eating fruit, salad or soup. A banana is good for breakfast. I suppose you could always puree things and call them soup. You could have two starters when out for dinner, a soup followed by a salad. My liver dish, though very good, would not be a candidate for pureeing, I think it would look rather disgusting, and the consistency would be rather horrible. Hmmmm...

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