Friday, 10 July 2009

Garden Kooky

Kooky had a long wander around his garden before breakfast. I gave him some Whiskas in little bags last night. After eating the jelly he left the lot. He doesn't seem at all keen. The box said ' high in protein' but nowhere did the actual amount of protein appear, unless in was the 4% meat which seems very low in protein to me.

Disaster has struck this morning - the TV won't go on. Changed the batteries in the remote and checked the connections but no luck. It was working last night so I am wondering if something has happened to the aerial, but I think that would have just affected the picture. Nightmare - I shall be thrown back on my own complete lack of resources - and tonight is my favourite TV night with lots of soaps. Damn. God, I have just pressed something on it and it is now working. Weird. There is a god.

It's the 100th anniversary of Big Ben. They showed the insides and bells on the news. Impressive.

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