Thursday, 9 July 2009

Thursday Evening

Didn't get back until after 11 last night - far too long a workday for an old woman. Kooky fed but trying for a second dinner - he's not entirely stupid. Today Julian had the locksmith around fitting a new inner lock to my door. It's quite handy because, though you need a key to get in, you get out just by moving the snib thing. He has really investigated the garden today and spent ages outside.

Left work a bit early because I'd managed a pretty rough draft of the minutes and wanted to play with Kooky. The auditors wanted all sorts of figures and all the minutes for the past year and a half. My feeble email skills just about managed this, though I was rather cross-eyed from scrutinising all the files online after this.

I am hoping to get some painting done this weekend. Just baked a loaf of bread as I think I am now ready to tackle solid food, which is just as well since I am taking Julian and Dorothy to Red 'n Hot on Saturday night - not sure that Szechuan food ideal for a delicate tum but may find something a little milder for me.

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