Sunday, 5 July 2009

Cat Bore, Still Ill and Bad Paintings Again

Oh dear, I have become a total cat bore, the way people with babies become baby bores. I managed to remove another dag from his tummy today, but there are a few more to tackle. He is becoming a bit more trusting about having his tummy stroked. I may have to wean him off his drugs. They are absolutely the only way to get him to do anything at all unless he is absolutely starving, when food sometimes works. So far I have shamefully pandered to his addiction and bought large supplies from Ebay. I think I shall keep giving them to him, but cut down the dose to about six drops three times a day, then four, then three, etc. with a week or two between reductions.

Unwelcome continuation of Delhi belly - good thing I am not taking the punters on holiday as I am sure I won't have recovered by tomorrow.

Lost the connector between my camera and the computer. Snapped another priest, a self portrait from a very old snap and several of Kooky lolling about but can't do much with them until I find the connector. The paintings are a bit rough, but it is all good practise. Except that the old self-portrait, taken when I had eighties long wavy hair, went a bit Tretchikoff, except that his are rather better.

Warm evening and very noisy old eighties music coming from Louise's house. Good thing we didn't have a barbie as it would have been very irritating. As it is I am inside, but the noise is still very loud. I AM getting old!

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