Friday, 3 July 2009

Cat Matters, Fire and Gold Plated Burial

Just lashed out on some compact compost which is now being sold cheaply on Ebay. I shall do a few more pots in the garden. I really ought to put something on the front windowsill. I am rather tempted to put a couple of fake round box trees on either side with a real windowbox in the middle, we shall see.

Have found Kooky's reputed favourite Kit-E-Kat in large tins. Last night he wolfed back half a tin, and is still keenly devouring the rest this morning. Real, old-fashioned catmeat doesn't seem to exist now, it is all synthetic looking muck in jelly. Oh well. At least I have the Iams. This time I bought chicken Iams since he's not too keen on the salmon flavour.

There's been a fire in a tower block in Camberwell and six people, including a small baby, were killed. A tweeter called Southwarkcrap says that the people have been petitioning for an entryphone and hopes that the lack of this has not played a part in the starting of the fire.

Michael Jackson will apparently be buried in a gold-plated coffin.

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