Monday, 6 July 2009

Strange Kooky, Paintings and Snaps

A strange thing happened last night. Kooky had been lolling about and suddenly started looking as though he had seen an insect or something, and creeping across the room. I looked over and couldn't see anything. Then I suddenly noticed my self portrait, which was propped up on a chair after snapping it. He was staring at it, and crept slowly up until he realised it wasn't a 'creature' of some sort, then walked away nonchalantly. He really is easily spooked. This morning he caught a tiny moth in the bedroom and ate it.

This morning I did a painting of a snap of Bill, the husband of one of my fellow students. This was the chap, who, unbeknownst to me, was a good friend of my ex-colleague's husband, who had known him for many years, since they were both very young. He is a very benevolent-looking chap, and I liked the snap of him because he was typically smiling. I am still having trouble with proportions - the bit between the nose and lip is too large (also in my self-portait) and the chin is not quite big enough. I shall have to concentrate on these areas. When I painted the Queen and Prince Charles, I made this mistake. Chins are my nemesis.

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