Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Another Nasty Pic

Very good meeting at Blackfriars with lots of attendees. Picked up masses of leaflets, information etc and have scheduled another meeting for September. If I hadn't been on leave I would have taken some of our newsletters, which I will take next time.

A bit tired this morning - had to get up twice during the night - Kooky's latest alarm call is to rush across the room several times as noisily as he can, which was successful at 7am. I have fed Kooky and cleaned out his litter tray, swept the kitchen and run a bath. Discovered I had run out of butter so I shall have to breakfast elsewhere. Today I need to actually get to the bank having failed yesterday, buy some clock batteries - they all seem to run out at once - and settle down to another self-portrait. The more I do, the more 'clinical' and less personal I feel about them which helps a lot. I shall also try to force myself to make a dental appointment. Made a prescription request for 3 months medication but was only given one month - presumably to force me to call and have my blood pressure taken. I wish we were like Spain and could just buy it all from the chemist without interference. The older I get the less time I have to hang around GP surgeries.

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