Friday, 3 July 2009

Birthday Dinner, Locks, Garden and Framing Problem

Had a very good dinner at Arbutus last night with Dorothy and Julian. We did not have starters, but had a prosecco and strawberry cocktail first. Dorothy chose a very pleasant red, which went with the rabbit chosen by Julian, and the bavette chosen by Dorothy and me. It was served with green beans and a little pot of pommes dauphinoise and Julian had a miniature shepherd's pie. For pudding I had a strawberry and elderflower trifle, Julian had provencale peach with various other things and a sorbet, and Dorothy had a strawberry and meringue thing. Instead of a pudding wine, we all shared a cherry and cherry sorbet, and it was all delicious. Unfortunately Dorothy paid while I was away from the table, so I will have to reimburse.

Julian had arranged for an extra secure lock on my inner door, but the locksmith couldn't fit it as there are already three locks and making another hole would have weakened the door. Julian has arranged for one of the current locks to be replaced with something better, and this will happen next Thursday. Julian spent quite a time improving the garden, has purchased some seeds which will 'manure' and feed the soil, like white clover, and a new pair of secateurs, which work well.

I will have to confess all to Dorothy: I took the silk square I was having framed as a picture - it is a John Piper sketch, signed, on a silk square, and will look good (I think) framed on a wall, but it turns out to cost an enormous amount to have it framed, partly because it is flimsy material and partly because it is so large. I don't want to have it done, then for Dorothy not to like it, so I shall show it to Julian and Dorothy before going ahead. If they don't like it, I shall get it framed anyway, at a later date.

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