Friday, 24 July 2009

Roof Party and Overactive Night Kooky

Friday again. Despite the rain, a good time was had by all at Jackie's party on her roof terrace, with wonderful views all over London. Met all the SE1 people and some new ones, plenty of food and drink, and Jackie being the perfect hostess. The Prof was very kind and we chatted a bit and I met Juanita's new lodger, who is presumably working in London but normally lives in a converted chapel in the countryside. I am rather envious as I have always fancied living in one of these. The lodger was admiring my wonderful new pearls, so I warmed to her immediately.

Kooky decided to get frisky at about 2am and leapt about the flat, mewing and waking me up, and it took some time for him to give up rushing around and realising I would not get up. He then left me until 8am before starting again thank goodness. He really is an odd cat.

I may stagger over to the art shop today as paints are becoming rather lacking. I find that a limited palette works quite well. I now use any kind of white, plus cadmium red and cadmium yellow, cerulian blue, a little burnt umber and sometimes a touch of black for mixing. I sometimes put in a touch of Naples yellow, any kind of pinky scarlet and a darker blue, but the basics are just about five colours. Despite this I do run out of them occasionally. I use masses of white of course.

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