Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Romy Nursing Week, Meeting and Kooky Alarm

Call from Romy. So far: one punter with migraine, another forgot pills necessitating GP visit, another forgot crutch so needing crutch hire, and a fourth with bad knee requiring GP visit for cortisone injection. Fingers crossed for no more problems - it's turning out to be like a week long hospital outpatient appointment for Romy. She will need a holiday to recover. I am beginning to dread the August trip to Hayling Island.

Meeting tonight and too much to do, masses of photocopying and sorting as spent the whole day yesterday with the auditors.

I hope Julian will feed Kooky tonight as I will probably not get back until around 10.30pm. I have left a note with the food ready. Kooky was quite good last night - stayed upstairs under the table all evening while I watched TV. Every now and then he would inspect the outside world from the front window. This morning I overslept a little and he jumped on the bed to wake me up, which was quite helpful. I miss him when I am at work - he is working his evil magic on me.

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