Saturday, 18 July 2009

Sunny Saturday

Seems that Julian thinks I should be doing botanical-type drawings of plant details which sounds rather boring but I suppose I could have a go at this. We shall see.

Kooky still sleeping on my bed at night, which is good. I am now feeding him half a large tin of catfood in the morning, and a small tin or packet in the evening, supplemented with some dry food. I shall probably stop buying the very large tins as I am throwing the remaining half away as he is very picky about freshness and doesn't like it to be refrigerated or kept in a container overnight. Actually he really doesn't eat that much of the wet food, but tops up with the dry food, which seems to suit him.
This is a small painting from a close-up snap. Then I shall have a go at drawing in a genteel manner in the garden.

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