Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Nibby Says

My self portraits are shockers - that I haven't been very kind to myself. I shall continue to be unkind to myself in the search for 'truth'. We shall see.In an effort to try and reduce the general ugliness I shall seek out some snaps from my youth to paint in an attempt to balance the current outpouring of vile images.So far the couple I have done from the eighties haven't looked much like me. Nibby says the basic colour for faces is green - definitely Tretchikoff. Perhaps I will try a green one with red eyes to frighten the horses. I suggested to Nibby that at my wake, the walls would be surrounded with these self portraits to make sure that I DID go to the ball. That would be scary, now.

News that oldies drink too much, quel surprise. More strange news that centres treating boozers won't see anyone over 65 - definite discrimination - so old boozers have no help with their problem. And now they are supposed to pay in advance for being abused in nursing homes. Great. Remind me to drink myself to death first.

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