Friday, 31 July 2009

Call from Exmouth

Call from my friend BJ tonight to say he had settled in Exmouth and to give me his address and telephone number. He did a booking as Chlamydia Rash and has had two further bookings as a result, one is a staff party for a well known supermarket chain. I suspect his star is in the ascendant and Fortuna will look kindly upon him in Devon.

His sister is coming up from Cornwall for a week or two to look for a property in Devon. I have to say I am rather envious. Oh dear, I keep being envious of people doing stuff in Devon. Apart from Trinidad, it is the only place I have always been rather obsessed by.

Perhaps I will let my flat when I retire and rent somewhere in Devon if I can manage this. I would have BJ, my brother and my sister all fairly nearby, but would miss Julian and Dorothy unless they could occasionally force themselves to brave the odd rural exeat. The countryside is so beautiful, but I would need a car again to get around there.

Anyway I fully intend to go down for a visit later in the year. It was nice to hear from him again.

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