Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Problem Punter

Last day of freedom - apart from being collared by a punter wishing to complain about the food on holiday. Just at that moment the Chairman appeared, so told him that we had a complaint. The Chairman said he had received a call to say how good the hotel and food were. The complaint seemed to mainly consist of the fact that the food was served plated, and that vegetables were not served from side dishes. Also, that the food was so disgusting that people were ordering salads instead of the cooked meals. Sounds like a healthy option to me! I have to say that in the West End one can pay upwards of £50 per head for dinner and the food is served on the plate. Oh well, seems that the majority enjoyed themselves anyway. These holidays are free, and there are at least a couple of free outings, such as a theatre outing and a couple of half day trips during the week. Fortunately complaints are very rare - and we always receive letters and cards thanking us for the holidays. Romy goes to enormous trouble to arrange these holidays and outings, and has to work extremely hard while there. Rant over.

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