Thursday, 30 July 2009

Help From Julian and More Purchases

In quite a lot of pain most of the day. Julian kindly came around and brushed Kooky, first putting his harness on which helped keep him still. Julian helped clear the house a bit and made a makeshift sling for me which was extremely useful, forcing me to rest the arm. Because of this I had a much better night and to my surprise the arm is much better today. I think the immobilisation and support approach is the ideal one - seems to avoid months of misery though I may be speaking too soon. We shall see.

My latest craze is collecting paperweights. Bought a few from Ebay. There's a new one on the left and an old one I already had on the right. Haven't yet bought my favourite which is a dandelion seedhead in acrylic, but will do. I also fancy a rather kitsch 'fish tank' one. I am getting a couple of millefiori ones. Trouble is I now have a taste for John Deacon millefiori which are a little more expensive. Unfortunately I have just read an article about an elderly shopaholic woman who was found buried in things she had bought - and it took five days to find her among all the shopping. I must make the effort to stop.

My arm has been much better all day. Probably the sling helped. Because I keep buying things I shall have to do another declutter very soon - tidying up a lot meanwhile. I don't want to become entombed by my purchases.

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