Saturday, 4 July 2009

Gutsache and General Lack of Mobility

Had a touch of Delhi belly for the last few days. Made the mistake of having some prawn crackers today. Since then I have drunk lots of tea and diet coke with two pieces of dry toast. I shall have to make some more bread tomorrow, as I shall keep up the dry toast for another day while the food I bought recently rots in the fridge. Quite annoying really.

Large, cheap catfood tins seem to be the way to go for Kooky. He crawled outside on his stomach like a furry snake with legs for a short while today, nervously sniffing about, but did not venture far from the back door. He still loves sitting on the bathroom window sill.

Dorothy did not like the print, and is horribly busy and stressed. I shall leave Dorothy alone for a bit until this latest work crisis has passed.

I think the Big Lunch idea is going to be a bit of a damp squib around here. There seem to be two people attending in Perronet House and a couple in Metro Central Heights. It is on July 19th, so maybe south east London is not the kind of place for it. I read recently that some organisation put pianos in about fifteen locations all over London hoping for impromptu performances. The performance in Burgess Park was a 'happening' - someone torched the piano.

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