Friday, 31 July 2009

Birthday Call and Hard Times

Had a good chat with my newly found sister in Devon. She rang to thank me for the flowers. Spent her birthday at Anstey's Cove where a ?son has a cafe, and they all had a good time. I was rather envious.

Seems that business is not great in Devon. I suggested getting some younger customers in by providing sixties and seventies stuff to go in their IKEA households since they are not into antiques. Seems that sixties and seventies stuff is not yet popular in Devon. Maybe I should get my friend John to buy some down there cheaply and come and sell it in London expensively.

Anyway, my sister is going for the credit crunch approach, i.e. secondhand being cheaper if you have no money, which is probably quite sensible for young mothers, and anyone else, come to that. I am sure she will have them eating out of her hand, or putting their money in it, very soon, as she is a very determined and sensible woman. I hope so, anyway.

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