Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Painting Over the Cracks

Staring at my horrible snaps made me think of makeup - which I wear in spades these days in a feeble attempt to wallpaper over the cracks. Remembering my teenage years when I was too young to wear makeup and the nearest I got was Pond's Vanishing Cream. This was applied and 'vanished'into the skin leaving it very matte and very tight feeling. It seemed a definite improvement immediately after being applied, but did dry the skin a bit. This was corrected by the application of Pond's Cold Cream.

This latest attempt is less foreshortened than the actual snap, which again affects the proportions. I have abandoned it pro tem though it is unfinished. I may seek out a snap from my younger years for a change.

Romy left for a well deserved break in foreign parts. I hope the weather there is better than here. Meanwhile I am attempting to force myself along to the dentist, as I have a bad tooth problem. Not painful but will need root filling etc. etc.

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