Friday, 31 July 2009

Soda Explosion and No Thermometers

Arm so much better. Almost blew myself up with a new soda syphon today by overfilling it with water. Huge water expulsion explosions all over the room. Sent an email to the manufacturers because I thought the whole thing might go up. However, when I had calmed down a bit and emptied the water and started again, it worked perfectly. I had forgotten to put a kind of plastic neck thing in which stops it from overfilling. Scary. The company were rather sweet and rang me on my mobile just to make sure I was still alive. I may treat myself to a St. Germain and soda later, though it is a bit alcoholic. I shall have a very small one. It's nearly the weekend, after all.

Went to the chemist to buy a thermometer and some hand cleansing gel just in case. Guess what? he didn't have either, apart from some small handbag sized liquid stuff. He says it's the nanny state and everyone's gone mad. I have to attend the quack this afternoon to have my blood pressure taken. What a performance. Nanny state again. They would only give me a month's worth of prescription drugs instead of three months in order to assure my attendance. Must be an item they are paid for. In my day they got £4.50 p.a. for each patient. The practises were always rather large, with a huge population of 'ghost' patients, i.e. those who had moved on, one way or another. But at least they left you alone.

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