Sunday, 28 June 2009

Back Again

As you will see from Kooky's posts, he is an inveterate liar. I will not dignify any of his accusations by refuting them. The only slightly true statements are that the house is a bit grubby, and I cannot sit on the floor and get up again easily.

Last night was another SE1 dinner. We started with a lovely smoked mackerel pate, followed by salmon en papillotes with ginger and onion seasoning, and side salads. Very good pudding of cheesecake with a bowl of strawberries to accompany this. The wines were all very good and the company excellent. I left at about 12.30, so had a comparatively early night.

Kooky had a wander outside early this morning and had to be lured back for his breakfast. I will let him out again this evening before his supper. He is less keen on being groomed than before, but obviously needs frequent serious brushing. He consumed some drugs last night, and the addiction is obvious - he immediately purrs and becomes much more friendly for a short while.

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