Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Picky Kooky

Kooky has a penchant for hiding. I couldn't find him at all earlier this evening, only to discover he had managed to squash himself under the sofa upstairs - looking down, I saw a long black bushy tail appear. He is still being picky about food. He eventually ate all his breakfast but did not seem to interested in his dinner tonight. We shall see. I have ordered some more of his preferred drug - catnip drops - from Ebay, since I can't find the ones I already had.

This morning the food Romy had kindly given me was left uneaten - but he had consumed all of the dry food, which had included some IAMS. I decided to try him on some of Fet's old diabetic tins, which is recommended for weight loss in normal cats, being high in protein and low in carbs. He wolfed it back, so I shall certainly use the remaining tins for him.

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