Saturday, 20 June 2009

Fussy Kooky, Big Bro and Cute Squirrel

Kooky being difficult about his breakfast - I think it is because I was reducing some chicken stock on the cooker and he became carried away by the smell. He also shows signs of wanting to go out. I think a couple more weeks strictly inside first, then maybe a short exeat or two in a cat harness if I can find one. Currently I think he is too 'nervy' to venture outside because he is so easily distracted.

Night of shame watching Big Brother. I was rather surprised when Cairon was voted off, supposedly. The 'upper class hippy twit' Half Wit aka Freddie, seemed a more likely candidate, but I suppose he is slightly better entertainment value. The intensely irritating Sri seems to survive. I cannot help wishing to see him disappear from the programme. I really should stop watching this garbage.

A bright spot in the news of a baby squirrel 'adopting' a builder. Lives with him, eats and drinks with him, showers with him, sitting on his head, etc. Totally cute to the 'nth. Video clip on BBC news website.

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