Monday, 29 June 2009

Back from Barcelona and Wardrobe Sleeping

Julian arrived back laden with gifts for Kooky and me. I had some medication I can't get here and lots of tins of very good quality Spanish fish, and Kooky had a couple of cat harnesses, and a toy on a stick. So far he has been reluctant to try the cat harnesses, but has enjoyed the toy on a stick, which is long and fluffy with feathers at the end.

Kooky has taken to sitting in the window quite a lot, and loves to sunbathe in the open bathroom window, looking out at other cats, birds, flies, etc. in the garden. It is a long drop from there, so fortunately he hasn't so far tried to jump out. He has also been out for a couple of walks in the garden and is becoming slightly bolder, but often just sits on the doorstep looking out if the kitchen door is open. I tend to let him out just before a mealtime so that I can lure him in again. He has also made another 'bed' in the wardrobe in the studio. I panicked because I thought he had somehow escaped this morning as he was nowhere to be found, until I saw his head appear from the wardrobe where he had probably slept for the night. Seems that Dorothy is going to be writing speeches and attending a conference and will be available from Wednesday evening.

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