Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Passport Problems and Kooky in Studio All Day

Last night Julian popped around to play with Kooky. Seems she is having such a bad time with bureaucrats and passport problems that she has to change her name by deed poll, to include some of her previous names. All this so that she has an official document to wave at customs when trying to enter or leave various countries. So far she has had to spend £300 on official translations, which have had no effect. I don't know how much the deed poll will cost. It is all a bit of a nightmare.

Kooky has survived a day locked in the studio while the cleaner cleaned. Julian and Dorothy left for Spain this afternoon. Brief lunch at Brindisa in the sun, quite pleasant. Kooky, stir-crazy, is sitting in the window examining the dubious neighborhood into which he has been thrust against his will. His tail is wagging crossly.

Jo has just rung to say she has double-booked Saturday, my dinner party night, and will not after all be able to attend. She is going to try and find someone else, and failing this, will provide her starter if not her company. We shall see. She is apparently going to contact Juanita, whose dinner party I attended last Saturday.

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