Monday, 15 June 2009

Cameos and Cat

My latest obsession is cameos. I recently purchased a fairly awful stretch 'lace' navy dress which I wore to the latest dinner party with some sixties navy crochet shoes as part of my 'old lady' look. Thinking that the ultimate 'old lady' signifier is a cameo brooch at the neck I looked on Ebay, and was absolutely horrified at the prices for things I had assumed would not be greatly valuable since no one wears them. This rapidly developed into a shopping obsession to find a cheap cameo, but one which was well carved, with a fairly attractive image. Not necessarily Victorian, but vintage at least, up to the seventies. Once you start looking at these, it is fairly obvious when they were made: the 1920's ones are quite funny, with the typical hairstyle, and the fifties ones. The faces change too: the older noses can be a bit beaky, but the more modern ones rather too retrousse. Generally the older ones are more skilfully carved, but there are one or two shockingly bad Victorian ones at 'bargain' prices. I eventally purchased two attractive silver framed ones and then a silver-gilt and a gold Victorian one at fantastic prices. However, this has not stopped me hankering after a fabulous one, prices over £200. How many cameos can you wear at once?
I may be forced to mount some on dark velvet and display in a frame at this rate. We shall see. Meanwhile I shall restrain myself. I shall try, at least.

By feeding Kooky less, he eventually eats all his food. He is used to a large tin of cat food plus dry food in between. I am giving him a small packet of cat food served with dry food separately and he now seems to be eating all of this. Since he has a penchant for cheap KiteKat, I am alternating this with better quality food.

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