Monday, 22 June 2009

Mainly About Kooky

Kooky was wandering around miaowing last night. I also detected a distinct tomcat odour downstairs. Perhaps a strange cat came in while I had the door open yesterday. I can't find his catnip drops so I think that was another reason for discontent as he seems rather addicted to these. I think he is gradually becoming more friendly and spreading himself around the house more during the day at least. Though I found him in the sitting room in the middle of the night last night, so he must be feeling at home.

With the lack of drugs (though he crept into my bedside cupboard to search for some) Kooky demanded breakfast earlier, though was disappointed at what I provided - a brand of cat food which he had wolfed down previously. He is quite capricious.

Gave him a different cat food tonight, and he ate the jelly.

Cabbed it to Bankside gallery where I saw Margot's exhibition. She had some lovely paintings, and everything was different enough to make a good exhibition. Saw some other college friends there, but unfortunately one was unwell and had to leave. Quite a few of Margot's family were there, including her sister and her husband Patrick. I cabbed back and fed Kooky some different food. He ate the jelly, as usual. Neighbours have commented on his frequent presence in the window. He probably thinks he owns the street and is checking on the serfs outside.

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