Friday, 19 June 2009

No Mystery Guest and Hungry Cat

Just heard from Jo - she hasn't been able to find a replacement - but has made the starter, which seems unfair as Jo won't be eating it. She is giving it to Plum to bring. We shall think of Jo as we consume it! I suppose there will be more room around the table, but a shame Jo can't come. She had thought of popping around later, but says she has an early start on Sunday morning.

Opened quite a cheap rubbishy tin of catfood tonight, and Kooky fell on it, having scorned the IAMS. He has no taste whatsoever.

Cooked ham and boned chicken and put in the fridge. Couldn't breathe well then realised that someone was barbecuing outside. I had to shut the bathroom window to keep the smoke out. I seem to be quite badly affected by smoke.

Kooky has settled for a while, lying on the windowsill. He has not eaten all the food, but at least half, thank goodness. He does seem to like rubbish food. I don't think he likes the bits in jelly, as he just eats the jelly. He seems to prefer something more solid. Must speak to Nibby about the chicken puree thing.

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