Monday, 22 June 2009

Kooky Under Attack from Vile Brat

Poor Malvolio's ashes arrived back yesterday. I shall keep them until Julian and Dorothy are back, and we shall have a scattering ceremony in the Peace Garden.

Dear me, Kooky had gingerly ventured out for a second foray in the garden, when my neighbour's son, playing in the garden opposite, started throwing stones into my garden. Poor Kooky was most alarmed and I had to rescue him and bring him in. They often have a huge, barking dog in the garden, but at least it stays there and cannot attack anyone in my garden. I rang my neighbour and there was no answer. Seems the child has been shut in the garden and getting bored, has been up to mischief. Sometimes I am glad I don't have any grandchildren.

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