Friday, 19 June 2009

Shopping and Cooking

It's after five and I haven't heard a word yet guestwise. I have told the other guests to expect a mystery guest and tried to email Jo to say she needn't bother with the starter since she is not coming as it seems rather a lot of work for nothing, and I can put something together very quickly. Watch this space.

Had a delicious chicken green curry at Lye Torng for lunch. Dorian kindly gave me some tealights for tomorrow night which I may either put in the garden, or somewhere inside when it gets dark. Today I am cooking the chicken and the ham. I shall let them both cool in the cooking liquid, and refrigerate to slice tomorrow. I shall make some sauces, cook the potatoes, assemble the salads, make some walnut bread and sort everything else out. I shall prepare something which will do for a starter, or if a starter arrives, can be eaten with the salad.

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