Sunday, 21 June 2009

Kooky's First Outing

I left the back door open and Kooky disappeared into the garden. His confidence is obviously growing. I crept out after him and he was cautiously walking about, sniffing at everything. I was rather worried that if I startled him he would make a leap for the fence and escape so I sat on the bench and talked to him. When I saw him crouching by the pond, mesmerised by one of the fishes, I managed to grab him, and brought him back inside. I should not be forgiven if anything happened to him while Julian is away. At least he has had a short foray into the garden. He probably thinks that the pond is stocked for him.

Telephone messages to say Malvolio's ashes are back. I shall call them tomorrow and see if they are willing to put them into a cab for me.

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