Sunday, 21 June 2009

Trivial Pursuits

I was leaning out of the window watering the outside plants when I saw Beverly, an old acquaintance. She was going to change some shoes and came in for a chat. They were Chanel shoes which had cost over £200 in the sale. They were ballerina style flatties and the whole of the toe cap was silver metal with the Chanel logo on, and looked very smart. Trouble is, the metal part fitted immediately over the entire toe area which had obviously become completely inflexible and very uncomfortable. I don't know who designs these things but to me, that is a very obvious design fault. After all the old workman's steel toecap boots were very deep inside and the rigid part was well above the toe area in depth.

Bumped into my cartoonist pal, Tom, in the Lye Torng, chatting with Felipe. Tom said that the BNP were stamping their logo on currency notes. He thought that if you came across one, a very obvious way of countering the message would be to draw a Hitler moustache on the Queen's face on the note, which would make the whole thing look pretty silly.

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