Friday, 19 June 2009

Yet Another Cameo

Dinner party tomorrow night and still don't know who the sixth guest is! Perhaps someone will enlighten me today.

This cameo is my favourite, and with a decent gold frame and a large size, the best so far purchased. If I buy any more, I might well go for one with a scene on it rather than a face, and may go upmarket to the middle end of the market. We shall see.

Brushed a huge amount of fur from Kooky today, and managed to cut away the last matted little clump on his back, bribing him with catnip drops.

Ocado have just rung to whinge that the traffic is awful and they will be an hour late. Dear me. I need to get out to purchase a large bottle of coke to cook the ham in, some black olives, and a few other bits and pieces. Also can't cook any bread until the spelt flour arrives.

Message from Dorothy in Barcelona. Seems they have purchased a new sofa, and at the same time not only arranged immediate delivery, but removal of the old sofa. Brilliant. I do hope they will now be able to concentrate on actually enjoying themselves a bit.

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