Saturday, 13 June 2009

Slow Progress with Kooky

In the studio doing a bad painting of my cat Bacon, so called because he was streaky, a wonderful silver tabby. I have not done him justice, but quite enjoyed doing the painting. Once or twice Kooky emerged for a stroke, and has finally finished his breakfast. I heard him go upstairs and he knows where the litter tray is, and may have used it, as the litter is piled up. I hope this will encourage him to return to the same place. Pity as I was hoping to keep it in the studio, but Kooky has made his wishes eminently clear. I do hope he eventually starts coming upstairs generally, as I did want a cat mainly for the company, and Kooky is conspicuous mainly by his absence. I think he has been trained not to jump on sofas or beds, which is a nuisance since I was hoping he would sleep on my bed, but we shall see.

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