Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Retro Food, Retro Lunch, Kooky and Cleaner

Looking in my overcrowded kitchen food cupboards I was struck by how many tins I had. I am really becoming rather retro in this department. Damn handy though - I can knock up a mixd bean salad with some tuna in a couple of minutes. The other convenient food is the Look What We Found range. This is ready cooked meals in a package, which like a tin, keeps. The food is really quite OK, and again, just takes a minute to heat.

Talking of food, off we went yesterday for the farewell lunch to the Reform Club, where we had a superb meal. The Reform Club looks a bit dingy on the outside, but is extremely impressively designed inside - by Charles Barry who was the architect for the houses of parliament. The outside was influenced by the Palazzo Farnese, and the inside with huge mirrors, a large central hall and walls covered in large paintings was taken from other Italian buildings.

We had lunch in a private room, the walls totally lined with books like a library. We started with a couple of glasses of champagne, then went on to warm asparagus, roast tomato and blue cheese tartlets with walnut dressing which were delicious, served with a vin de Pays d'Oc, Terret and Sauvignon 2007 (this wine was absolutely fab, must try and get hold of some). After this came the tenderest noisettes of lamb with redcurrant and rosemary with vegetables and some Chateau Maison Sichell Bordeaux 2004, followed by strawberries and raspberries with cream, then coffee and chocolates. The dining room really was relaxing, as was the lunch, so we sat about for a civilised period, chatting and drinking coffee. There were speeches and gifts, and we knew we would all regret our colleague leaving, but it was a pleasant note on which to end an era.

Returned home with Romy, and found Kooky hiding as usual. He did venture out for a bit, and Romy had a look at my paintings. She selected a couple, including one of her cat, and one which might make a present for our leaver. I was dubious about this as I had not visited her house, and thought my efforts would not be good enough, but Romy undertook to hand a painting over one day when I wasn't in the office. It was a painting to put in a kitchen rather than in pride of place somewhere, so may pass muster. If not she can always chuck it out!

My cleaner is coming today so I shall shut Kooky in the studio for safety and so that she doesn't disturb him. I have written a note for her and pinned it to the front door so hope that all will go well. We shall see.

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